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Alte Liebe Rostet Nicht (Chapter 7) 

Julia pov.

"So Lucas what do you want to do" I heard Erik ask from the bathroom, after the little accident this morning Erik and I have been very careful with our words, scared that we would say something that wasn’t meant for his ears. "I don’t know daddy" I got up from the couch and walked to the bathroom on my tiptoes so that they wouldn’t hear me come in.

I reached the bathroom and peeked inside of the room to see that Erik was shaving in front of the mirror and Lucas was beside him shaving with a spoon: his little face covered in white shaving even in his hair there were some rests of shavind, I giggled and entered the bathroom, looking at my two boys that were my whole life. Erik turned around when he saw me in the mirror, his eyes sparkled as he pointed at Lucas.

Ruffling Lucas’ hair I giggled again and wiped the shaving of him hair and face, “mommy I can do that myself I’m a big boy says daddy” and only then it hit me that he already was 4 years, that he would be mature in 14 years and that he would no longer need us, our little boy was getting bigger every day and it was so hard to face it. I smiled but one lonely tear ran down my cheek “yes you are getting a big boy, it feels like it was only yesterday I could hold you for the first time”.

I saw how Erik leaned closer to Lucas and whispered something in his ear, he helped Lucas to clean up his face before Lucas ran to me and hugged me tightly. “Mommy don’t cry, I will be here very long with you and daddy” my eyes went to Erik who was close to tears himself but the smile on his face was the most important to me. Soon Erik stood woth us, making a group hug as the family I always wanted to have: Erik, Lucas and me. Only the three of us that would be happy forever. “mommy?” I looked down to look in the big orbs of Lucas, he began to play with his fingers, something that Erik did as well when he was nervous.

"You can tell me everything Lucas" he nodded, looking between his hands, me and Erik. The silence was bothering the three of us as we all waited impatiently for Lucas to tell us wat he had to say, he shook his head and pulled away from me and Erik. "I want to make a lava lamp" he whispered with a fake smile on his face. Nodding I led him to the living room so that he could wait there while I searched everything we needed.

Erik joined me to help but stopped to look at me for a moment “Lucas seems so different” he told me as he leaned his arms on the kitchen counter. Sighing, I put down the oil I was holding, Erik’s hands found mine and held them while giving them soft squeezes “I know, maybe he’s not used to having you as well, it’s hard for me too, to find your trust again after 4 years ago when you didn’t have any time for me”. I quickly covered my mouth, wishing that I never said what I did, he let go of my hands, grabbed the bottle of oil and went to the living room, muttering a quiet ‘thanks for that’.

"Erik please I didn’t mean any of it, I mean it’s just a big change for me and Lucas and for you too" I quickened my pace but even if he walked slowly he was too fast for me, he had his arms crossed as he sat on the couch, not looking at his son who was beside him and asking for some attention of his dad.

"Yes and for me it isn’t, 4 years is this kid and you never told me anything about it" he scoffed, my mind repeated the two words that hurt the most again ‘this kid, this kid, this kid’. It made me angry and sad that he just called our son that "this kid, it’s our fucking son Erik, he has your last name, our genes, our personality mixed with each other, your looks and he is a person, our person and not just THIS KID" I shouted, grabbing Lucas his hand to lead him back to my apartment.

But Lucas pulled away and ran out of Erik his apartment, leaving us two behind without knowing where he was. “This is all YOUR fault, you could have got an abortion, but of course you had to keep that child without knowing how to take care of it”.

"Excuse me mr I’m The Perfect Footballer With The Great Looks That Only Goes Where His Dick Leads Him, but you made that child" and with that I left the room to run after Lucas, no idea where he went and no idea where he went………



Irina singing happy birthday for Sports Illustrated

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Xher and Tobi’s wishes for Basti

Alte Liebe Rostet Nicht (chapter 6) 

Julia pov

"Julia" my eyes opened as I heard his voice close to my ear, a small smile appeared on my face as he pulled me up and dragged me to the bathroom. As soon as he opened the door my eyes became wider and I was surpised by everything that I saw there: the bath was filled with hot water and rose petals, candles lit up the room as the curtains were still closed, two glasses of champagne waiting for me and Erik to drink from it, the radio playing ‘our song’ softly so that Lucas wouldn’t wake up and ruin the morning we could have for the two of us.

"I’ll help you liebe" his hands began to undo the buttons of pajama, stroking my sides with his warm hands as the shirt was on the ground. "You know as much as I love time with Lucas, this is nice too" I whispered turning around in his arms and sucking the sweet spot in his neck, making sure to leave a purple mark after.

"I agree, especially when I get to see that body of yours again" giggling as I tried to undo him from his boxers where there was already a boner visisble but before I could even do that I was pushed against the wall, my arms pinned above my head. "Erik please let me help you with that" he shook his head, picking me up and putting me down in the warm water inside the bath tub. He sat down behind me so that I was in between in legs. I laid my head on his chest and enjoyed the silence and just being alone with him for a moment.

Those warm lips pressed against my bare shoulder and made me open my eyes to look at him, he smiled, handing me a glass of champagne and holding the other one in his hand, winking at me. “So how did you sleep?” he asked, taking a sip before putting his glass down and hugging me from behind, his head in my neck, biting and sucking the skin softly, smiling I remembered the warmth I missed for 4 years except from the moments when Lucas was beside me. “Great” I answered his question after staring in his eyes for a few seconds, suddenly he began laughing loudly making me frown in astonishment. He stopped laughing at me “I noticed, you were almost laying on top of me all night” a shade of pink appeared on my cheeks and a hint of shame came into my mind.

"It was cute, you know I like it when you do things like that without you notice it" his eyes began to change from sweet to lust again "but I also like it when you are passionate with me". He turned me around so I was facing him and so that I didn’t have to look back all the time.

His put his hands of my breast and started kneading them softly, earning a quiet moan that escaped from my lips, “you like this don’t you” nodding I kissed him to muffle my moans as his other hands slid down to rub my heat with his long pointer finger. “Erik, no teasing please” I murmured, taking his shaft in my hands and running my thumb over the tip, showing him that I could tease him when he did the same to me.

"Mommy, daddy what’s wrong" the door opened and Lucas stood there, watching us the same time as Erik moaned again, Erik sat up, covering my naked body with his arms as we watched Lucas who still stood there. "Fuck…. uh shit Lucas, mommy and me were just testing the bath, uh I will be right there go back to your bedroom buddy, it’s a bit too early for you to be up" Erik spoke softly as he got the towel and wrapped it around his abdomen.

Lucas left the room hopping while Erik got dressed in his boxers and a t-shirt, he looked stressed right now as he was trying to breathe and speak calmly but he couldn’t. “I’ll be right back liebe, I’m going to put Lucas back in bed and after I will be back again and we can just watch a movie in the living room while we eat breakfast that I prepared as well”. I nodded, pecking his lips and getting out after he left the room to go to Lucas….


Cristiano Ronaldo for Men’s Health (September 2014 ed.)

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