Anônimo asked: "Please don't delete this blog, i really love it, i'm always here(this sounded a little creepy but) yeah please don't delete it!!!"

I don’t know yet sorry, nothing is worth the fight anymore. Maybe I’ll keep it open but I won’t post anymore…

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 Anônimo asked: "are you still going to do one shots?"

Yes, but I don’t know when

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Can we take a minute to appreciate how much Mesut misses Real Madrid?

Fabio thanking Iker with a kiss after a great save

"Casillas was excellent tonight. What happened during the World Cup is forgotten, this is a new season for him and for us.."

- Ancelotti (via iker-is-everything)

Iker and Ramos with the UEFA Super Cup trophy | 12.8.2014 (pt1)